latch1 [lætʃ] n
1.) a small metal or plastic object used to keep a door, gate, or window closed
Gwen lifted the latch and opened the gate.
2.) especially BrE a type of lock for a door that you can open from the inside by turning a handle, but that you need a key to open from the outside
on the latch
(=shut but not locked)
Ray went out, leaving the door on the latch.
latch 2
latch2 v [T]
[: Old English; Origin: lAccan]
to fasten a door, gate, or window with a latch
latch on phr v
BrE informal to understand
He's so thick it took him ages to latch on.
latch onto / [latch onto sb/sth] phr v
1.) to become very interested in something
Don't just latch on to the latest management fads.
2.) to follow someone and keep trying to talk to them, get their attention etc, especially when they would prefer to be left alone
He latched onto Sandy at the party and wouldn't go away.
3.) to hold tightly to something with your hand, mouth etc
a baby latching on to its mother's breast

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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